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Monthly Archives: September 2012

We all need someone to love. And some people love the people who have passed. I am one of those people.

Audrey Hepburn and Vivien Leigh. DAMES.

Never in my life, have I read about two perfect women.

There was just one day where I fell head-over-heels for both of them.  And it hasn’t stopped.

QUEEN #1. Vivien Leigh


QUEEN #2. Audrey Hepburn


Some people like to cook. Some people like to draw. Some people like to sing. I like to fangirl.

And I fangirl like a mofo.


The business I have chose to report on is the cutest, classiest jewelry blog I have ever seen.

The blogs name is Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry By Shana Cohen

Shana makes a wide variety of handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Anything from Star Wars to Old Hollywood actors/actresses and made from buttons to beer caps. She is definitely one of the most creative people I have ever spoken to.

She has a variety of different social medias. Shana runs a facebook account(since 2009) , tumblr blog (since 2011) and a Pinterest account, which makes up well over 50% of her customers. Shana blogs very often about her merchandise and tells her buyers new ideas that are coming up for sale.

In my opinion, Shana is a terrific sales blogger and she is running a very stylish business. She responds very quickly to messages and she engages her followers very sweetly. She honestly makes the cutest jewelry ever and when I bought  a necklace from her, I received a free pair of earrings and a deal off my next purchase.

Tumblr:   Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry By Shana Cohen

Facebook: Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry By Shana Cohen

Audrey Hepburn Necklace I purchased from Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry

I really encourage you to look through her sites if you like cute, vintage jewelry 🙂 Enjoy

I honestly love social media; I use it more than necessary. Social media is very important in today’s world because you can virtually do anything with it; you can shop, plan vacations, read, watch TV/movies, fangirl, order food etc… I think I’m quite knowledgeable about all the social media’s on the internet and I’m pretty tech savvy, considering the amount of blogging I do on Tumblr. I feel very comfortable learning about new social networks because it’s my favorite thing to do.

Media has a very large impact on today’s world because most businesses use it as their #1 tool. They use Facebook, twitter, you tube for their advertising and marketing.  The use of these tools are a great way to spread the word about a new company or organization.

I hope to learn how to use Social Media to the best of its ability and effectively.  And why social media is so important in the business world, and finally, how the internet will become one of the most important tools in the marketing business. I don’t think I could live without my social networks!!