The business I have chose to report on is the cutest, classiest jewelry blog I have ever seen.

The blogs name is Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry By Shana Cohen

Shana makes a wide variety of handmade earrings, necklaces, bracelets and rings. Anything from Star Wars to Old Hollywood actors/actresses and made from buttons to beer caps. She is definitely one of the most creative people I have ever spoken to.

She has a variety of different social medias. Shana runs a facebook account(since 2009) , tumblr blog (since 2011) and a Pinterest account, which makes up well over 50% of her customers. Shana blogs very often about her merchandise and tells her buyers new ideas that are coming up for sale.

In my opinion, Shana is a terrific sales blogger and she is running a very stylish business. She responds very quickly to messages and she engages her followers very sweetly. She honestly makes the cutest jewelry ever and when I bought  a necklace from her, I received a free pair of earrings and a deal off my next purchase.

Tumblr:   Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry By Shana Cohen

Facebook: Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry By Shana Cohen

Audrey Hepburn Necklace I purchased from Made With Love: Handmade Jewelry

I really encourage you to look through her sites if you like cute, vintage jewelry 🙂 Enjoy