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Monthly Archives: October 2012

The two social medias I would use for business are tumblr and Instagram. These are two similar types of social media because they are primarily based around photos. On tumblr, certain photos or photo-sets can go viral very quickly, which is helpful for a business to have. Instagram is also helpful when it comes to documenting things you sell, like clothing, jewelry or food. Instagram, unlike tumblr, is a mobile based social network that allows only people with iphones or anroids to use.

Using tumblr and Instagram for a business, I think, would be the best choice because it not only allows people to know about a business, but also see what the business has to offer. And since tumblr is all about finding people with the same interests, having a company on there would make is easy to locate. Instagram allows a person not only see the business’s posted content, but also lets their customers to comment/like it publicly.  And unlike tumblr, Instagram doesn’t have a post limit, but in both net works, the user is allowed to tag there post/photo with a filter. It is a word that the picture or post is tagged with, so when someone searches that word, that post will appear. This is the main way a funny cat video or dangerous sports stunt can go viral. Recently there have been a lot of controversy on social medias regarding the death of  Amanda Todd.  And the reason for it is because of the amount of different social medias contribute their opinion on this topic. And that’s what makes something like her death, (which is a sad example) go viral.

When a business is trying to become more popular, they need people to know about it. And in today’s society, almost everything starts on the internet, like new music videos (eg.Gangnam Style), recent news articles (eg. Presidential Debate). So posting on tumblr (where virtually EVERYTHING GO VIRAL) would be a perfect place to start getting some attention from the people you might potentially be doing business with. Instagram is also a great way to connect with people that you might be doing business with some day because since its a mobile based social network, its great for posting and editing them pictures on-the-go.

These tools could be used for a great marketing field and a terrific  (not to mention free) adverting for a business if they use it correctly. In these two social networks, it is very easy to become well known if you know who your target audience is, along with your demographic.



This week’s blogging assignment is about my ideas on the advertising /promotions about a pet store that deals all aspects of animals; it’s called Pet Pawsitive.  My job is to promote this business and discuss things such as their services, marketing ideas in the form of online videos, such as information, marketing and behind the scenes.

To start off, I would make an information online video about Pet Pawsitive. This video would contain information about the location of the stores and all the business has to offer. Their services such as rehabilitation, animal education, obedience, and service classes. Also, their retail outlet that sells all-natural pet foods and a variety of training supplies. I would make this video because it gets the everybody online informed about the business and what its all about. It would show pictures of store at both locations and the retail supplies that Pet  Pawsitive sells.

Secondly, I would also make a behind the scenes video that takes a look at what happens when the animals go in for behavioral and psychological training. Plus I would conduct some interviews with some pets and their owners about their life. Just to give a sweet side to the business and make the video more passionate about animals. The reason I would make a behind the scenes video is because it’s putting some compassion into their business, and it show that Pet Pawsitive cares about what the customers think.

Finally, the last type of video I would want to make for Pet Pawsitive would be a marketing video and in it would be Pet Pawsitive at local and national shelters and humane societies. This would show the viewers that the business cares for other organizations and making some contributions to other companies.

In conclusion, all these videos will serve a great purpose in the marketing and advertising of Pet Pawsitive they will be very effective in bring new customers to their business.

The brand I have chosen to blog about  this week is the ever so popular brand of Coca-Cola. I chose  it because it is one of the biggest, well known brands in the world and they use their facebook page very well.

 Coca-Cola’s facebook page is very active with their viewers and  they have a great unit of communication, plus they ask questions to them about what they like/dislike about Coke.

They engage people on facebook by asking them questions about which Coke product they prefer, Cherry or Vanilla, etc… This builds the relationship between the brand and buyers. Coca-Cola interacts with other facebook users by creating contests and asking them to submit pictures or videos of the Coca-Cola in their lives (when they’re drinking it or when they see it).

So the people on facebook feel that they contribute to the brand in someway.

Coke gives a great sense of communication on their page when they post about leading charities that are being sponsored  by Coca-Cola and where they will be hosting certain events. They use a fairly happy and excited tone when they post a question or picture on their page, which would be expected because they need a friendly way of connecting with people without sounding persistent.

Coke also gives the viewer a history of Coca-Cola by the tabs on the side where they have the complete history of when they first founded Coca-Cola in the 18OOs. It shows the published certificate of approval to Doctor John Pemberton for this new concoction for Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola also posts links to other Coke related pages and websites. Such as their recent one where you can put in your address and it will tell you where the nearest Coke Style location is closest to you.

And finally, Coke displays a great connection between them and the people on facebook that makes them such a popular brand. They use their facebook page very well and effectively.

The company I chose to report on is Lulu Lemon because I love all their sports attire and all the vibrant colours.

Lululemon Athletica uses their twitter account very effectively  in their frequency of tweeting and how the engage their followers in up coming events and new clothes.


Lululemon demonstrates a terrific knowledge on their interests of their followers and show a great relationship with them.  They attach pictures of clothing and sports gear  with witty remarks that entertains their viewers. And they are very good at responding to their followers inquiries about everything. Plus they communicate with other Lululemon accounts and it shows that they universal with their brand.

They have been tweeting since September 8th, 2008. They usually tweet at least once a day and sometimes more, which is a very good thing to do when you are running company and want to spread the word about your twitter and other social medias.

Personally, I think they are doing an awesome job on communicating with other branches and followers. It shows that they care about what they have to say and their opinions about Lululemon  and how they’re running their business.

Lululemon link here