For this weeks assignment, I am going to be explaining three different steps I can do to better my digital footprint. The three steps are to: Google myself on a regular basis (at least once a month), set privacy setting on my facebook account so no one that isn’t my friend can access my personal information and finally, I’m going to be more cautious about the pictures and statuses  post on there.

My first step to cleaning up my digital footprint is to search my full name on Google and make sure nothing inappropriate shows up. I would search  my name online because, well first to make sure I come up in the top three links, and second to make sure the my name shows up with my social networks. I think Googling myself would help significantly because it’s where all future bosses go to look up their future employees and see what kind of person they are hiring.

Secondly, I would change the setting on my facebook account so only people I have approved can see my post, pictures and shares. I would go into privacy settings and change to private for my Wall, Photos and Personal Information. I think changing the settings on my facebook account would be  good protection for my digital footprint because  it shows that I care about my online identity and how people perceive me. Also, so no one I don’t know can harass me or access my info. for there own gain.

My last strategy for cleaning up my digital  is to generally be more cautious about what kind of content I am posting online. And to also be aware to who can see all the posts. This would be very effective because in the future people such as future bosses and other co-workers can see all the posts and I could be a risk for job/career opportunities.

To conclude, I believe that using all these methods can make a more appealing online profile. All these steps can lead to a cleaner digital footprint for anyone because it not only creates a better presentation of yourself, but also allows a more inviting virtual presence of yourself.