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For this weeks blog post assignment I’m going to be analyzing three social media articles from three different social media networks. The first article is about the two candidates running for President of the United States, Mitt Romney and Barack Obama. And their impact on Tumblr. The second articles is about hurricane Sandy and the amount of  responses/reactions from  people on twitter. Lastly, the third article is about social networking and how it can be used for all types of living.


The first article is titled How Romney and Obama Stack Up on Tumblr, written by Fernando Alfonso III , November 2nd 2012 .  This article covers the popularity of posts that both Romney and Obama are tagged in. It discusses how the people on tumblr are responding to the debates and their feelings toward Romney and Obama. There are  lines charts that show the number of posts/reblogs and likes of each candidate and it shows Romney is more popular than Obama with reblogs and likes. But  not all the posts are of a positive nature. A great part of Romney’s ‘popularity’ is people making fun,bashing, freaking out on him.

This topic relates back to social media by how they are creating  their own advertising, whether is be good or bad, with not effort at all. Their opinions about they way they think the country should be ran is creating arguments and conflicts between the tumblies.  This builds Romney’s and Obama’s campaign and gives them a good idea on how people are reacting to their ideas about the US.


The second article is called Twitter Releases Numbers Related To Hurricane Sandy: More Than 20M Tweets Sent During Its Peak  by Drew Olanoff on November 2nd, 2012.  The top news story lately is about Hurricane Sandy and how it has hit millions in the United States and parts of Canada. It’s main point in the article is focused on the people who turn to Twitter to talk about what’s going on at the present time. This has been a very popular topic, so popular that there has been a Twitter account specifically based around making puns about Hurricane Sandy.   It covers peak times of tweets and top tags such as #Sandy, #Hurricane and #Donate.

This article is related to social media because of how a natural disaster can impact not only the environment, but also social networks. In less than 1 day, Hurricane Sandy was the talk of  Twitter. It shows how and when people are tweeting Sandy, along with peak times.  With all this publicity that Sandy is getting, there are lots of donating opportunities that people are creating. People all over will need people for blood donations, reconstruction and supplies. A disaster like this is a  social media magnate and there is always a positive side to someones misfortune, weather we like it or not. (yes, that was a pun.)


The last article is called Becoming a Social Business isn’t just for Social Media by Ilana Rabinowitz,  October 26th 2012. This article talks about the new ways businesses operate their company. It has ideas about how differently we find out information compared to 10  years ago. It’s main point is focused on how a business changes there research strategy  about their demographic and target audience and how they keep up with new ways to communicate their message through the media.

This article relates to social media by the way of communication between businesses and the rest of the world.  Media is used is being used by both every-day people and large business and organizations, so the primary source of advertising is social networks. And the more a business is involved with their customers, the more the customers respond to the message the company is try to get out.


The two social medias I would use for business are tumblr and Instagram. These are two similar types of social media because they are primarily based around photos. On tumblr, certain photos or photo-sets can go viral very quickly, which is helpful for a business to have. Instagram is also helpful when it comes to documenting things you sell, like clothing, jewelry or food. Instagram, unlike tumblr, is a mobile based social network that allows only people with iphones or anroids to use.

Using tumblr and Instagram for a business, I think, would be the best choice because it not only allows people to know about a business, but also see what the business has to offer. And since tumblr is all about finding people with the same interests, having a company on there would make is easy to locate. Instagram allows a person not only see the business’s posted content, but also lets their customers to comment/like it publicly.  And unlike tumblr, Instagram doesn’t have a post limit, but in both net works, the user is allowed to tag there post/photo with a filter. It is a word that the picture or post is tagged with, so when someone searches that word, that post will appear. This is the main way a funny cat video or dangerous sports stunt can go viral. Recently there have been a lot of controversy on social medias regarding the death of  Amanda Todd.  And the reason for it is because of the amount of different social medias contribute their opinion on this topic. And that’s what makes something like her death, (which is a sad example) go viral.

When a business is trying to become more popular, they need people to know about it. And in today’s society, almost everything starts on the internet, like new music videos (eg.Gangnam Style), recent news articles (eg. Presidential Debate). So posting on tumblr (where virtually EVERYTHING GO VIRAL) would be a perfect place to start getting some attention from the people you might potentially be doing business with. Instagram is also a great way to connect with people that you might be doing business with some day because since its a mobile based social network, its great for posting and editing them pictures on-the-go.

These tools could be used for a great marketing field and a terrific  (not to mention free) adverting for a business if they use it correctly. In these two social networks, it is very easy to become well known if you know who your target audience is, along with your demographic.


This week’s blogging assignment is about my ideas on the advertising /promotions about a pet store that deals all aspects of animals; it’s called Pet Pawsitive.  My job is to promote this business and discuss things such as their services, marketing ideas in the form of online videos, such as information, marketing and behind the scenes.

To start off, I would make an information online video about Pet Pawsitive. This video would contain information about the location of the stores and all the business has to offer. Their services such as rehabilitation, animal education, obedience, and service classes. Also, their retail outlet that sells all-natural pet foods and a variety of training supplies. I would make this video because it gets the everybody online informed about the business and what its all about. It would show pictures of store at both locations and the retail supplies that Pet  Pawsitive sells.

Secondly, I would also make a behind the scenes video that takes a look at what happens when the animals go in for behavioral and psychological training. Plus I would conduct some interviews with some pets and their owners about their life. Just to give a sweet side to the business and make the video more passionate about animals. The reason I would make a behind the scenes video is because it’s putting some compassion into their business, and it show that Pet Pawsitive cares about what the customers think.

Finally, the last type of video I would want to make for Pet Pawsitive would be a marketing video and in it would be Pet Pawsitive at local and national shelters and humane societies. This would show the viewers that the business cares for other organizations and making some contributions to other companies.

In conclusion, all these videos will serve a great purpose in the marketing and advertising of Pet Pawsitive they will be very effective in bring new customers to their business.

I honestly love social media; I use it more than necessary. Social media is very important in today’s world because you can virtually do anything with it; you can shop, plan vacations, read, watch TV/movies, fangirl, order food etc… I think I’m quite knowledgeable about all the social media’s on the internet and I’m pretty tech savvy, considering the amount of blogging I do on Tumblr. I feel very comfortable learning about new social networks because it’s my favorite thing to do.

Media has a very large impact on today’s world because most businesses use it as their #1 tool. They use Facebook, twitter, you tube for their advertising and marketing.  The use of these tools are a great way to spread the word about a new company or organization.

I hope to learn how to use Social Media to the best of its ability and effectively.  And why social media is so important in the business world, and finally, how the internet will become one of the most important tools in the marketing business. I don’t think I could live without my social networks!!