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The brand I have chosen to blog about  this week is the ever so popular brand of Coca-Cola. I chose  it because it is one of the biggest, well known brands in the world and they use their facebook page very well.

 Coca-Cola’s facebook page is very active with their viewers and  they have a great unit of communication, plus they ask questions to them about what they like/dislike about Coke.

They engage people on facebook by asking them questions about which Coke product they prefer, Cherry or Vanilla, etc… This builds the relationship between the brand and buyers. Coca-Cola interacts with other facebook users by creating contests and asking them to submit pictures or videos of the Coca-Cola in their lives (when they’re drinking it or when they see it).

So the people on facebook feel that they contribute to the brand in someway.

Coke gives a great sense of communication on their page when they post about leading charities that are being sponsored  by Coca-Cola and where they will be hosting certain events. They use a fairly happy and excited tone when they post a question or picture on their page, which would be expected because they need a friendly way of connecting with people without sounding persistent.

Coke also gives the viewer a history of Coca-Cola by the tabs on the side where they have the complete history of when they first founded Coca-Cola in the 18OOs. It shows the published certificate of approval to Doctor John Pemberton for this new concoction for Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola also posts links to other Coke related pages and websites. Such as their recent one where you can put in your address and it will tell you where the nearest Coke Style location is closest to you.

And finally, Coke displays a great connection between them and the people on facebook that makes them such a popular brand. They use their facebook page very well and effectively.