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The company I chose to report on is Lulu Lemon because I love all their sports attire and all the vibrant colours.

Lululemon Athletica uses their twitter account very effectively  in their frequency of tweeting and how the engage their followers in up coming events and new clothes.


Lululemon demonstrates a terrific knowledge on their interests of their followers and show a great relationship with them.  They attach pictures of clothing and sports gear  with witty remarks that entertains their viewers. And they are very good at responding to their followers inquiries about everything. Plus they communicate with other Lululemon accounts and it shows that they universal with their brand.

They have been tweeting since September 8th, 2008. They usually tweet at least once a day and sometimes more, which is a very good thing to do when you are running company and want to spread the word about your twitter and other social medias.

Personally, I think they are doing an awesome job on communicating with other branches and followers. It shows that they care about what they have to say and their opinions about Lululemon  and how they’re running their business.

Lululemon link here