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For this weeks assignment, I am going to be setting up a social media plan for a fictional business that deals with supplying promotional material for schools, leagues and sports teams. This business can personalize materials such as jerseys and pens and it has approximately 20 people employed within the company. Building this business plan will help the company know how and when to accomplish their goals.  So now that I have explained a portion of the company, I am not going to present you with the social media plan that I have created for this business.


A social Media Plan can be very useful for Extreme Promotional Materials  because it can help the business in many different areas such as marketing, advertising, resources for information regarding new and upcoming technology. A social media plan can lead to new business opportunities and also a advancement in the company’s future. Using all the social media tools can improve Extreme Promotional Materials by communicating and informing people new branches or  to offer. Using a plan can be helpful in watching for new trends or fads.

Mission, Vision, Goals

Extreme Promotional Materials hope to extend their business to more than just the Southern Ontario area. Their mission is to stay on the ball of things that are happening on social media and plan their strategy around it. This company hopes to achieve a greater/ stronger  relationship with their customers by using social media tools such as facebook, twitter or youtube. And finally to make it easier for the customer to receive their merchandise, because customer satisfaction is the number priority in a small-medium sized business.

Key Messages

They main message that Extreme Promotional Materials wants to send out is that they are willing to fulfill your every need when it comes to supplying merchandise for any occasion. Whether it be a sports event or a school gathering, they want to give you great service to make sure all your needs are accomplished.

Target Audiences 

Extreme Promotional Materials target audience is a specific range of ages. They range from schools, to other businesses and clubs. Preferably groups of people who are using this merchandise for their own way of advertising and want their names/logo on it so they buy they supplies in large quantities.

Social Media Tools and Engagement Strategy

The three social medias that I think would be very useful are LinkedIn, facebook and twitter. These three are  the basis of social media and all three together can create a very powerful tool that can make a new positive  image for Extreme Promotional Materials. Facebook is great for letting people know the history, facts and events that are happening with your company. Twitter is perfect for letting customers know day-by-day what going on instantly. And finally, LinkedIn would be very helpful for adding new employees to the staff and it provides a profile of the company and what its all about. The content of all the information being announced will be informative and the tone will be easy going. And it aims at more a mature audience.


It is very important to have a business plan for a company because it is something that can keep you on track and stay on the path of success. Having a social media plan is a great idea and its guidelines helps you understand how this is critical for a business. And finally, the significance of having a business plan is necessary for success.


The two social medias I would use for business are tumblr and Instagram. These are two similar types of social media because they are primarily based around photos. On tumblr, certain photos or photo-sets can go viral very quickly, which is helpful for a business to have. Instagram is also helpful when it comes to documenting things you sell, like clothing, jewelry or food. Instagram, unlike tumblr, is a mobile based social network that allows only people with iphones or anroids to use.

Using tumblr and Instagram for a business, I think, would be the best choice because it not only allows people to know about a business, but also see what the business has to offer. And since tumblr is all about finding people with the same interests, having a company on there would make is easy to locate. Instagram allows a person not only see the business’s posted content, but also lets their customers to comment/like it publicly.  And unlike tumblr, Instagram doesn’t have a post limit, but in both net works, the user is allowed to tag there post/photo with a filter. It is a word that the picture or post is tagged with, so when someone searches that word, that post will appear. This is the main way a funny cat video or dangerous sports stunt can go viral. Recently there have been a lot of controversy on social medias regarding the death of  Amanda Todd.  And the reason for it is because of the amount of different social medias contribute their opinion on this topic. And that’s what makes something like her death, (which is a sad example) go viral.

When a business is trying to become more popular, they need people to know about it. And in today’s society, almost everything starts on the internet, like new music videos (eg.Gangnam Style), recent news articles (eg. Presidential Debate). So posting on tumblr (where virtually EVERYTHING GO VIRAL) would be a perfect place to start getting some attention from the people you might potentially be doing business with. Instagram is also a great way to connect with people that you might be doing business with some day because since its a mobile based social network, its great for posting and editing them pictures on-the-go.

These tools could be used for a great marketing field and a terrific  (not to mention free) adverting for a business if they use it correctly. In these two social networks, it is very easy to become well known if you know who your target audience is, along with your demographic.