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This week’s blogging assignment is about my ideas on the advertising /promotions about a pet store that deals all aspects of animals; it’s called Pet Pawsitive.  My job is to promote this business and discuss things such as their services, marketing ideas in the form of online videos, such as information, marketing and behind the scenes.

To start off, I would make an information online video about Pet Pawsitive. This video would contain information about the location of the stores and all the business has to offer. Their services such as rehabilitation, animal education, obedience, and service classes. Also, their retail outlet that sells all-natural pet foods and a variety of training supplies. I would make this video because it gets the everybody online informed about the business and what its all about. It would show pictures of store at both locations and the retail supplies that Pet  Pawsitive sells.

Secondly, I would also make a behind the scenes video that takes a look at what happens when the animals go in for behavioral and psychological training. Plus I would conduct some interviews with some pets and their owners about their life. Just to give a sweet side to the business and make the video more passionate about animals. The reason I would make a behind the scenes video is because it’s putting some compassion into their business, and it show that Pet Pawsitive cares about what the customers think.

Finally, the last type of video I would want to make for Pet Pawsitive would be a marketing video and in it would be Pet Pawsitive at local and national shelters and humane societies. This would show the viewers that the business cares for other organizations and making some contributions to other companies.

In conclusion, all these videos will serve a great purpose in the marketing and advertising of Pet Pawsitive they will be very effective in bring new customers to their business.